Looking for a brand new office space that is made up according to your needs? Mundo-a still has available spaces

The advantages of a Mundo-a office in a nutshell

Efficient infrastructure
In a brand new bio-ecological passive office building you will be allowed to lay out your own comfortable office space according to your needs and wishes. Furthermore, you can use the communal spaces: reception, four meeting rooms (6 to 18 persons), kitchenettes, multipurpose hall (up to 40 persons), roof terrace, shower and bicycle parking. In the Ecohuis, literally in the centre's backyard, you can make use of larger meeting rooms. The EcoCafé will function as Mundo-a's café-restaurant and catering service for those working in the centre and their guests.

Shared equipment and services
We provide a wide range of equipment and services, so your organization can focus completely on its core business. You won't need to worry about the cleaning or maintenance of the building, about water and electricity, about the mail ... Beamers and a multifunctional printer are at your disposal. All offices are equipped with up-to-date IT and telephone appliances.

Central location and reachability
Mundo-a is located in the centre of Borgerhout, at a walking distance (10mins) from Antwerp's central railway station . The tram and bus stop 'Drink' is right in front of the site. In a few years, the underground station under Mundo-a will be fully operational. The Velo station 'Moorkensplein' (the city's system of rental bikes) is at only 200 meters.

Visibility of your organization
When several organizations occupy the same building, they automatically attract more attention. This effect is amplified by the possibility to set up all kinds of events in Mundo-a.

Local commitment
Ethical Property Europe is strongly committed to working together with local actors. That's why there's an integrated approach of the centre's management with the mission of the Ecohuis and the EcoCafé. The courtyard will continue to host a number of local events, like the yearly flee market, and Borgerhout's street festival 'BorgeRio'.

Comprehensive all-in-one package

  • Utilities and insurance: water, gas, electricity, property insurances
  • Cleaning: the communal areas are kept clean by a cleaning crew. Once a week they also take care of your office.
  • Maintenance: a handyman keeps an eye on the premises and repairs or replaces what's broken, form technical pieces to lights. Professional contractors are responsible for the maintenance of the ventilation system, the electricity, the plumbing etc.
  • Reception: a receptionist welcomes your guests, sorts your mail and receives deliveries. The reception desk is the centre's principal information point.
  • Shared equipment: beamers, a copier, flipcharts, markers, a sound system ... can be taken out at the reception after reservation.
  • Communnication system: a complete package of high quality centralized IT and telephone services will be provided.